Butoh Oracle en Viena

Dance Improvisation, Tarot Butoh Oracle, Electroacoustic music and Live painting.

Fecha: 11 y 12 de Enero

Hora: 19:30h y 18:00h

Lugar: Lalish Theaterlabor(C/ Gentzgasse 621180, Viena)

Dirección: WILL LOPES
Klangperformance: Christoph Punzmann

Butoh dancers:
– Lucía Callén (Lucía Sombras)
– Miriam Strasser
– Will Lopes

Electroacoustic Sound Performance: Christoph Punzmann

Performative Live Painting: Lea Gold

Reservas:  lalishtheater@hotmail.com

Three dancers on the stage.
A tarologist opens the Tarot for audience.
«Do you have some question?»

One person cuts the deck, chooses a card, chooses one of the dancers to dance this card, their costume and the energy in it will dance. Male? Feminine? Neutral?
Thus occurs the choice of the three cards and dancers.
According to the letters drawn a musician will compose live, their proper ambiences, soundscapes and dramaturgy in electroacoustic constructions. Parallel to these performances a plastic artist will synthesize all the composition of the letters, dance and electrocentric sounds in paintings of this oracle.

«Descipher me or I devour you»

realiazed with:
Jinen Butoh Photo Exhibition by Will Lopes
Schneeknospen Butoh Performances: Barbara Murg; Carla Rihl; Florian Rafenstein; Michael Waldeck.