Author: Lucía Sombras

  • Bodies of aging

    Five audiovisual portraits against the social phobia of aging and for the visibilization of older women: their voices, their bodies, their strength and their beauty. Cuerpos de la Vejez (Bodie of Agings) is the portrait of five older women who decide to tell their life story through their own bodies. Bodies that, because of the […]

  • Embracing death

    Bunraku-Butoh performance at the presentation event of the Al Final de la Vida project (web: held on December 12, 2019 at Fundación ONCE. “(…)I remember my childhood, when I was an old woman. Flowers died in my hands because the wild dance of joy destroyed their hearts.” Awekening. Alejandra Pizarnik   SYNOPSIS:  Embracing Death […]

  • Suite de Butoh

      Hybrid creations performed by women with live music, where butoh dance is combined with other scenic languages, such as sound and voice, poetry or  jester, generating visual narratives with the female body in continuous symbolic transformation. These suites have taken place during the years 2021-2022 in different scenic spaces between Barcelona, Zaragoza and Madrid. […]

  • Con Mayor Voz

    ConMayorVoz is a radio program created and directed by Lucía Callén from 2016 to 2021 on the community radio station OMC Radio, together with Lideresas de Villaverde,, to promote the empowerment of elderly women in terms of communication and digital radio, and that In its multiple editions, it has had the support of the Madrid […]


    As a promoter and coordinator of social action projects, Lucía Callén uses radio, audiovisual and scenic tools to find new languages ​​of expression and action with citizens and social exclusion groups, in order to promote  their empowerment and improving their visibility in society. She has been a trainer and coordinator in many courses and workshops […]

  • Seniors in the Network

    Mayores En Red project was designed and coordinated by Lucía Callén from OMC Radio, with the support of the EDP Foundation. It was developed throughout 2021 in collaboration with other entities with the aim of creating spaces for community communication, face-to-face and virtual, which integrated the elderly and/or dependent people who could not leave their […]