Neuroscience PhD, exotic-butoh dancer, site-specific performer, narrator, trainer and coordinator of social action projects.

Actress-creator and performer trained in mime and Jaques Lecoq’s pedagogy at the Nouveau Colombier Theater School and the Arturo Bernal International Theater School, where she also researched the Suzuki method, viewpoints, the Decroux technique, Expressive and comedian mask, and contemporary dance; and was specialized in Buffoon.

She has been researching Butoh dance since 2015 for nature and site-specific performance together with Mushimaru Fujieda (Physical Poets, Japan), Atsushi Takenouchi (Jinen Butoh School, Italy) and Yumiko Yoshioka masters. Since 2011, she has been trained in speech and radio fiction to explore the extrasensory possibilities of voice and poetry. She uses a particular transgressive language together with the metamorphosis of the body to lead the spirit to a dreamlike-erotic state, poetically wild.

She develops her artistic project Lucía Sombras Project as an independent creator/performer, using Butoh dance together with other performing disciplines such as buffoon, poetry, cabaret or exotic pole dance, for the evolution of the body-consciousness in aesthetic reason; but also in collaboration and collective creation, being part of the international Butoh dance company The Physical Poets, and Cadáver Exquisito Collective, sharing creation methodologies through Butoh dance with a transdisciplinary approach, and holding meetings and festivals in the national territory (Butoh Suite); also works together with the Italian theater company The Rainbow Theatre; and collaborates in the artistic evenings designed by Nacho Arantegui for Trarután Arte y Naturaleza project, performing arts integration at the natural landscape.

She has shown her interdisciplinary pieces at various festivals in Europe and Asia (Spain, Italy, Austria, South Korea and Japan). Currently, she collaborates with the Platform for Women in Contemporary Art in Zaragoza (PMAC) for the promotion of art made by women, the Madrid Theater Week, and is part of the Dramatic professionals.

As trainer, she uses radio language and Butoh dance as tools for action and social transformation. In collaboration with the community radio stations, OMC Radio and the Unión de Radios Comunitarias de Madrid, she has designed and developed several citizen empowerments processes with risk of social exclusion people. From 2016 to 2021, she directed Con Mayor Voz radio broadcast, together with Lideresas de Villaverde to empower older women in their environments, including the Al Final de la Vida project with the support of the Madrid City Council and Obra Social La Caixa; In 2018 she was the promoter of the I Meeting of Women who make community radio, Radiant Women; During 2021, she developed Mayores En Red project with the support of the EDP Foundation, to bring digital platforms and technological tools closer to the elderly. She has directed and produced several podcasts, radio and audiovisual programs and, recently, the audiovisual campaign Cuerpos de la Vejez, to transform the representation of elderly women in our society.