Con Mayor Voz

ConMayorVoz is a radio program created and directed by Lucía Callén from 2016 to 2021 on the community radio station OMC Radio, together with Lideresas de Villaverde,, to promote the empowerment of elderly women in terms of communication and digital radio, and that In its multiple editions, it has had the support of the Madrid City Council (2016-2017 and 2019-2021) and Obra Social La Caixa (2017-2018).

The main objective was to give voice to the group of elderly people, especially women, users of the Municipal Centers for the Elderly and residents of Villaverde, active or not in the associative network; and training them in communication and community radio production to turn them into active communication agents within the district.

The project began with a training project that was structured in three phases. During the first phase, from September 2016 to December 2016, a radio course was developed specifically designed for the elderly group, in which they learned to make their own sound productions within the community network of Villaverde and its Centers for the Elderly.

This was also a space to reflect, debate and listen to everyone’s opinions on various topics such as feminism and equality, geriatrics, care, intergenerational communication, integration and the architecture of our neighborhood; together they learned to construct positive messages and developed their own language as a group capable of breaking down stereotypes and prejudices and improving coexistence in our environment. The result of this space was the creation of a radio program self-managed by the elderly and with themes relevant to their social growth.

In a second phase, once the communitarian, expressive, creative and technical skills were learned by the main group of female communicators, 8 radio programs were carried out, one in each of the Municipal Centers of Villaverde, with the help of the team training and technical training of OMC Radio and the participation of other users from the same centres.

In the third phase of the project, in which we are now, #ConMayorVoz becomes part of the #MayoresEnLasOndas project and it is a radio program carried out in the OMC Radio studios by the elderly women group “Lideresas de villaverde” already established on our radio.

Lideresas de Villaverde:

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