Embracing death

Bunraku-Butoh performance at the presentation event of the Al Final de la Vida project (web: http://www.alfinaldelavida.org) held on December 12, 2019 at Fundación ONCE.

“(…)I remember my childhood,
when I was an old woman.
Flowers died in my hands
because the wild dance of joy
destroyed their hearts.”

Awekening. Alejandra Pizarnik



Embracing Death is a short piece of poetic melodrama that uses Bunraku puppetry and Butoh dance to portray the life of an old woman facing the process of dying alone, an invisible reality, increasingly growing in our society. Through puppetry, we will seek the audience’s empathy with old age and, through Butoh dance, we will explore the frustrations, emotions, memories and the desire to die embracing the perishing body.

GENRE: Poetic Melodrama

STYLE: Bunraku Puppetry and Butoh Dance

DURACIÓN: 15 min

CHOREOGRAPHY & CREATION: Lucía Callén (Lucía Sombras Project)


Technical Details:

Butoh Performance: Lucía Callén

Music: “Les marionettes” of Zbigniew Preisner, “Bésame Mucho” de Cesarea Évora, “A Woman Alone” de Max Ritcher