Lucía Sombras Project is a project carried out in collaboration with other artists to make Butoh dance known in Spain and Europe. It uses as a creative tool for the Performing Arts, as well as an instrument for social transformation; merging it with other artistic disciplines such as jester, mask,  theatre with objects, puppets, poetry, or audiovisual, digital and sound creation.

Within this project, pieces have been created where the female body is, at the same time, the container and the content of the tragic metamorphosis: In the Name of Hunger (2022), Nefertiti (2021), Planetesimals (2020), Aphrodite (2019 ), Harmony (2018), Embracing Death (2019), Sunflowergirl (2018), The Awakening (2018), Ice Dream or Acid Dream (2018), which have been shown in different spaces and international festivals. The most important: Jeju Experimental Art Festival (JIEAF 2019) in Jeju (South Korea), World Physical Poets Festival 2019 in Osaka (Japan),  Alma Negra Butoh Festival 2o19 in Madrid (Spain), CelebrArte meeting 2021 of the Platform of Creative Women in Contemporary Art in Zaragoza (Spain), La Voce del Corpo 2022 in Osnago (Milán).