Seniors in the Network

Mayores En Red project was designed and coordinated by Lucía Callén from OMC Radio, with the support of the EDP Foundation. It was developed throughout 2021 in collaboration with other entities with the aim of creating spaces for community communication, face-to-face and virtual, which integrated the elderly and/or dependent people who could not leave their homes after the pandemia.

Participants were training in several whorkshops to learn how to do digital radio and sound productions. We developed radio broadcast collectively within the virtual space, where the elderly could express their right to communication and make visible the movement restriction situation they were experiencing by themselves.

In addition to blended training in digital literacy, ICT tools and active ageing, aimed at eldery people as well as companions, professionals or volunteers, we also put into operation a mobile radio studio and an online radio to connect everywhere participants electronically.

You can check the structure of the course in more detail at the following link to the OMC Radio Virtual Classroom:

Empoderamiento digital de personas mayores