As a promoter and coordinator of social action projects, Lucía Callén uses radio, audiovisual and scenic tools to find new languages ​​of expression and action with citizens and social exclusion groups, in order to promote  their empowerment and improving their visibility in society.

She has been a trainer and coordinator in many courses and workshops developed by OMC Radio (Community Radio) and URCM (Union of Community Radios of Madrid) such as “Citizen Journalism 2013”, “Radio 2.0” or the “Workshop: La Radio de la Elipa”; and has collaborated and designed participation and cooperation projects and actions to promote social transformation and citizen participation such as “Hacemos Radio, Hacemos Barrio”, “Audiocolora” or “Conparto”, “Muévete Contra El Plástico”, or the first meeting of women who make community radio “Mujeres Radiantes”.

Mujeres Radiantes, una nueva manera de hacer radio


Since 2016, she has created and directed the ConMayorVoz project, together with Lideresas de Villaverde,  to empower eldery women in their environments and transform the representation of old age in our society. In 2021, Con Mayor Voz was included in #LasOtras100MayoresFortunas de España on the Forbes list, which recognizes the value of projects that “stand out, not because of the fortune they accumulate, but because of the fortune they procure for others”

Las Otras 100 Mayores Fortunas de España

In 2020 she carries out the audiovisual campaign Cuerpos de La Vejez, an initiative against the rejection of aging in today’s society, showing the effect of the passage of time on the female body.

Cuerpos de la vejez: una campaña audiovisual


In 2021, given the situation of isolation suffered by older people in the pandemic, She promotes and coordinates the Mayores En Red project, from OMC Radio, with the support of the EDP Solidarity Foundation, with the aim of creating spaces for community communication, face-to-face and virtual, that turn them into protagonists.